1. Slim line crystal design.
  2. Compatible with all 58 kHz labels and hard tags.
  3. Self-contained electronic board for easy installation.
  4. Multiple pedestal and installation options.
  5. Software controlled with USB cable connection to PC or laptop.

Detection Range

  1. Master Antenna: 1.2m either side
  2. In between Master and Sub Antennas:2.4m (1.2m either side of antenna)
  3. Sub Antenna on either side of Master Antenna: 2.4m x 2 = 4.8m in between the first and the last Antenna (1.2m either side of antenna)
Weight :19.5kg
Power :EU 240V AC / US 115V AC
 (additional external power supply: 18V AC 1.5 Amp)


  1. 1 x 1Amp voltage-free changeover relay 30V max.
  2. 1 x Remote loudspeaker.
  3. 1 x 12V auxiliary output 12V DC and 5V DC max. current 100mA


  1. Primary power fuse
  2. Secondary power fuses for the supply input
  3. Auxiliary 12V output fuse
  4. People counter output fuse

Software Options

  1. Sensitivity adjustment
  2. Line synchronisation
  3. Receiver window delay
  4. Hits to alarm
  5. Receiver noise loor
  6. Alarm tone (10 possible selections)
  7. Alarm duration (1 – 10 seconds)
  8. Reset alarm control
  9. Tx current
  10. Swap phase
  11. Tx of
  12. Each Sub Antenna is tuneable by software
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