Smart Detektion SpyGuard system is a discrete concealed tag detection system designed to protect larger doorways up to 4.2m wide.

A loop of wire consisting of pulsing magnetic field, which is harmless to the human body, is installed on the floor (usually beneath floor coverings), ceiling, or along the door frame. When a tag passes through the area bounded by this loop, a unique tag signal will be detected.


  1. Floor loop of up to 4.2m wide.
  2. Unobstrusive design with no impact on store layout and aesthetics.
  3. Vertical detection range is approximately 120 to 160cm.
  4. Advanced analogue and digital signal processing (DSP).
  5. Compatible with all 58 KHz hard tags.
  6. No pedestals are required.
  7. Remote alarm box (Audio Visuell) shows the detection of a tag.
  8. Software driven configuration with protected cables for protecting the installed equipment.
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